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The Momentum is our training program for students in 6th - 12 grade. Students can choose from a range of classes to continue to build upon skills previously learned. 

6th - 12th Grade

For students who are entering the 6th - 12th grade. More advanced combinations are taught to improve discipline and flexibility. Dancers can choose from ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, jumps, leaps and turns and hip hop. All classes are 45 minutes long and one recital dance is performed per class

**Jumps, Leaps and Turns requires the dancer also be registered in a jazz class and does not have a recital performance

Required Shoes:

Ballet: Capezio Leather Cobra 2033

Tap: Capezio Fluid in Black CG17 

Jazz: Capezio E- Series Slip-on In Tan EJ2

Hip Hop: Tennis Shoes